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How to cancel flights in Etihad Airways?

Are you considering canceling your booked flight due to an unexpected emergency? If you have booked your travel with Etihad Airways, you can rest assured that they offer flexibility with their cancellation policy. You can withdraw your booking anytime before the scheduled departure of your flight. To better understand the technicalities of canceling an Etihad flight, continue reading.

Procedure to Cancel an Etihad Flight

To cancel your booking, the passenger must request the airline to cancel their flight to get a refund. If they fail to do so, under the airline's no-show policy, the full amount of the ticket will be forfeited. To avoid this, follow the steps below to cancel your booking: 

  • Visit the official web page of Etihad Airlines. 
  • The next step is to locate the “Manage my Booking” option and enter the passenger’s last name along with the booking reference code. 
  • Tap on Retrieve Booking to find the details of your ticket. 
  • Once you get the details, go into the menu to select the “cancel my booking” option and get an online cancellation form. 
  • Fill out the form with the details of your booking and give your contact information. 
  • Mention your reason for canceling the booking and explain it in the comment box. Attach any documents you have. 
  • Submit the form and relax; your ticket will get canceled, and a refund will be reflected in your original source of payment. 

Note: Before you cancel your flight, it is recommended that you read the Etihad Airways cancellation and refund policy to understand its technicalities and then apply to withdraw your ticket. 

What is Etihad Airways 24 hour cancellation policy?

According to Etihad Airways' cancellation policy, passengers are permitted to cancel their reservation free of charge within 24 hours of booking. If the cancellation is made within this time period, no fee will be charged by the airline. However, if the cancellation is requested after 24 hours of the reservation, a deduction will be made from the refund amount. 

Can I change my return flight date Etihad Airways?

Do you want to postpone the retuning date of your Etihad flight? If yes, wait before you cancel and book a new ticket for a new date. The airline allows its passengers to shift the date of their journey by paying the Etihad Airways ticket date change fee. Read below to learn the price and policy of rescheduling a flight.

  • The passengers are free to reschedule their flight date as many times as they want, but they will have to pay a change fee each time. 
  • No change request on the date of the journey will be entertained by the airline after check-in. 
  • Passengers will have to meet the fare difference between the two airlines. 
  • If the flight is delayed or canceled by the airline, they will arrange a new flight for you to the same destination with no extra charges. 
  • If the weather is unsuitable for travel, the airline may shift the date of travel, considering the safety of their passengers. 
  • The airline will not charge the passenger if they manage to change the date within 24 hours of their booking. 
  • If you are not healthy for travel, you can apply to reschedule your travel date for free; however, you must present your medical reports to the airline to avail of this. 
  • A 10% fee will incurred on the ticket price to change the date. 

What is the cancellation fee?

The passengers who are canceling their booking will have to pay a cancellation fee. If you call off your ticket within 96 hours, an additional fee of 10% will be incurred on your ticket price. However, this is not fixed and can change depending on the timing of your request. To learn more about Etihad Airways flight cancellation policy/fee, connect with their agent for first-hand information. 

Can I cancel my flight on the phone? 

The passengers can cancel the flight at any time before they complete their check-in. There is a service of $30 apart from the cancellation charges for making any change or canceling your existing ticket. Follow the steps below to cancel your booking: 

  • Dial 1 (877) 690-0767 and wait for the call to connect. 
  • Listen to the IVR and press the key that takes you to the Flight Cancellation department. 
  • Wait for a person to join you on the call, and share your booking details so the agent can find your ticket. 
  • The agent will cancel your ticket and initiate a refund to your account.  

Keep Etihad Airways Customer Service as your last option because there is a service fee for canceling a ticket on the call. 

Bottom Line

Things may not go as planned if something like this happens to you where you need to cancel or reschedule your Etihad flight. Wait before you apply for it, read the information above for reference, and learn the charges and policies associated with these airline services.