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What is the Southwest Airlines Cancellation policy?

Passengers are often seen scrolling the page down to find the cancellation option. Their trip schedule might have changed. Many times, it happens with passengers. But what would happen if they call off the trip? Will they be given a full refund? Or will some standard fees get deducted? This page sheds light on all such queries. All you need to do is stay connected until the end. Let’s proceed further and get to know about Southwest Airlines' call-off policy in more detail.

How can you cancel a flight on Southwest Airlines?

Calling off the reservation isn’t so difficult as you don’t need to stand in a queue and wait for hours. Through an online option, you can easily call off the flight. Follow the given below steps -

  • Go to the official web page.
  • Choose the cancel tab from the right side.
  • Enter Confirmation number
  • Then, Enter your First name & Last name
  • Then tap on the select Cancel option.
  • Click Search
  • Choose the flight to cancel.
  • Confirm the process.

If your fare is refundable, you can request a return else; if it is non-refundable, then it is added to your Travel fund for future use. You can also call it off through your mobile application. 

How Do I Cancel My Southwest Airlines Booking Within 24 Hours?

Speak to the customer service representative about calling off the booking over the phone. Dial the helpline phone number to connect with them. Keep the booking reference number along with the passenger’s name with you so you can provide it to the agent to call off the reservation. Take note of your returned amount or travel fund. The refund will either be credited to the payment source (refundable) or travel funds (non-refundable).

You can retrieve your bookings online or through mobile applications. According to Airline reversal rules, customers can call off their tickets online or via phone. 

Let’s have a key highlights of Southwest Cancellation policy

  • Southwest Airlines offers three types of fare: Wanna Get Away, Anytime, and Business Select.
  • Wanna getaway fares can be reused, while Anytime and a business select fares are reusable and refundable.
  • Wanna get away, anytime, and business select fares can be used for up to a year from the date of purchase by the passenger itself. 
  • As per the airline's no-show policy, fares will be returned or reusable if the call-off is made ten minutes before the scheduled departure.
  • A passenger in Anytime and Business fares can choose the original form of payment or travel funds for the future.
  • According to the air carrier call-off policy, passengers can revoke the booking online within 24 hours and receive a return either as the original payment or by choosing Travel Fund credit.
  • Passengers become eligible to get an air carrier call-off rule if the flight is delayed at least 4 hours before or more than that under the given provision -

Medical emergency

Bad weather 


Airport strike

Traffic to the departing airport.

Health emergency

In non-refundable fares like wanna get away fares, passengers can get a total flight money back. If a call-off for the same is made within 24 hours of booking. Either you will get -

  • Complete money return as the original form of payment.
  • Option to transfer the ticket price into travel funds to be used in the future.

You can also contact the cancellation helpline number to retrieve a booking or learn about Southwest Airlines' return policy and fees in detail.

Standard fee charges may vary occasionally, so contact the customer representative, who will give you precise information. You must also know the rules and regulations of Southwest Airlines' money return policy. Otherwise, fees will be applied according to the policy's norms. So, it is prudent to be aware of the rules and regulations. Also, you can get help from a customer service agent to prevent call-off charges from being applied.

In the end

Hope the details mentioned above provided you with an overview of Southwest Airlines' reversal and return policy. If you have any queries about the latest updates on call-off fees and refund rules, contact the customer service representative for prompt assistance. They are always up to assist you. Feel free to connect with them.

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