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How Do I Get Wheelchair Assistance At Allegiant Air?

Allegiant Airlines cares about the comfort and convenience of its passengers, which is reflected in its policies and service standards. That's why the airline is all set, providing its passengers with special requirements to procure a hassle-free experience. Whether regarding wheelchair assistance, service animals, or medical aid, the airline comforts its travelers, ensuring a stress-free. The page is about the pushchair assistance policy, which instructs travelers to follow the guidelines carefully. 

How to Arrange A Wheelchair At The Airport Allegiant Air?

You can arrange a wheelchair at the airport of Allegiant Air by following these ways including -

  • If you are making a new reservation online, Input the traveler's name and click on the beside option “Request special assistance' to show the passenger's special service requests. You can contact the customer service representative about the impairments via phone or at the airport. 
  • Also, after filling out the request for assistance form, contact the reservation center to ask for additional accommodation like wheelchair assistance, seating aid, stowage of an assistive device, or aid for escorting to a visually disabled traveler. the reservation center operates round the clock. 
  • Allegiant Airlines' special needs policy involves aid for travelers with disabilities. The wheelchair is provided to travelers with disabilities who require help moving about the airport or boarding a flight. 
  • Passengers can request pushchair aid at the time of booking or by calling the airline 48 hours prior to departure. Based on passenger demand, the airline provides travelers with manual and electric wheelchairs. 

Key highlights of special wheelchair aid to Passengers 

If talking about the features of passengers at the airport. 

  • During Check-In process, the airline's staff will be available to assist you through the check-in process, making things easier for you.


  • Prior boarding - Allegiant Air provides priority boarding aid to travelers requiring allegiant air special aid. 
  • Providing Pushchair aid - a) Allegiant Air provides gate-checked wheelchair services.

b) The airlines will carefully stow your pushchair before departure, and at the time of arrival, the wheelchair will be returned promptly to you at the gate. 

What are the Allegiant Air Special Assistance Policies?

Let’s have a look at Allegiant Air guidelines for special assistance policy - 

  • A passenger can send a special request to Allegiant Air customer service for special assistance support. 
  • They should make bookings as immediately as possible and advise the airlines about the type of assistance they require. 
  • Passengers can request wheelchair aid at the booking time or by phone 48 hours before departure. 
  • The airlines assist travelers with manual and electric wheelchairs. 

Guidelines for battery-powered mobility devices

  • There will be no additional pay for battery-powered mobility devices at the ticket counter or gate or for transporting them whether the cargo compartment is spacious enough and to ensure that all the HAZMAT safety regulations are met.
  • It is advisable to store all removable parts in the aircraft cabin or under a seat to ensure they comply with FAA safety guidelines for onboard use. 
  • Sometimes, it is required to separate the battery from the customer's pushchair or mobility to wrap it separately. 
  • Proper labels of battery cabins or detailed disconnection and reconnections will help the personnel at the departure or destination city to easily reconnect or disconnect the battery to the scooter. 

How to call Allegiant Air Customer Service for Special Assistance Support?

You can connect to Allegiant Air customer service for special assistance support by placing a call at 1 (702) 505-8888. Once you make a call, you will receive IVR instructions. Follow the instructions promptly to connect with the live agent. Beside the wheel chair aid, if you have any doubts, you can get it resolved easily. 

Often, travelers aren’t aware of the process of executing special pushchair aid on reservations. Contacting the Allegiant Air wheelchair assistance phone number is a prudent approach to connecting with a customer service representative who can provide a precise solution for your concern or add special assistance on your behalf. 

Being a passenger, you are required to give prior information regarding the booking to the air carrier. You can make a reservation in advance or call the dedicated Allegiant Air Live Agent, where you will notify the service representative of your requirements. Considering your preferences, they process your requests. Making a reservation for special assistance isn’t difficult when professionals are available to back you. All you are required to do is place a call at Allegiant Air Toll-free Number.


After reading the information, you will know how you can request wheelchair assistance. It's easy! If you are still having trouble processing a request for a pushchair, contact the live agent by calling the customer service phone number. They will listen to your concerns and add you to the reservation, adhering to the guidelines. If you need help at any time, don’t think much! Place a direct call to them.